The graveyard mystery| short story

شارك هذا الموضوع


The graveyard
By: Menna Zain

I am Jane,

I always love to write my dreams as they seem very weird and intense,

Let me narrate some for you and see if you can conclude the mystery and analyze them or not

first dream under the title of “graveyard”:

I was caged into a basement full of wonder and fear, barely could see nothing due to fogginess and melancholic climate around,

It was blurry for seconds and then I started seeing the belongings,

There’s a chest, a candle, oil lamp, rusty chains over the floor and bunch of old books set over the shelves, in addition to some jars consisting a weird liquid seems like an acid,

All I have to do first is escaping the basement…

I lifted up the chains to break the door and unlock it, I kept trying on and on till it was already open, there was no oil in the lamp it was useless anyways,

I went to grab the candle and I opened the chest to find matches and a paper,

It refers to the graveyard outside,

Where no intruders ever dared to step over its ground,

I took the matches to ignite the candle and kept walking till I got out of this old house,

I don’t even remember why I came or what’s my purpose, just walking with no detected objective,

I followed the map till I reached the graveyard, I seek a clue,

Gazing once, and twice, nothing interesting,

Vast of the land has no labels over the tombstones, there remained once, carrying only a letter

I scratched the rest space to find that “Lady, Nora” is written over and I kept scratching the rest maybe the moth caused it to be covered in similar way,

My senses were right, 7 names involving lady, Nora

They’re all buried aside, I had my doubts maybe they’re relatives but the family names are different, it’s only one house

And I’m the only survivor here alive…

I went through the forest, deeper and deeper I dig for finding a trace, clueless and angry

Until a carved tree spoke to me stating that I should take care of the clock in my pocket,

Sooner as I just found this

Enchanting vintage clock hidden in my pocket

I grabbed it and I saw the time written on, 00:00

The clockwise aren’t moving, it’s only showing midnight

I woke up

And I found myself over my desk, sheets are stuck to my head as one of the coworkers laughed and helped me removing them,

Sorry I forgot to tell

You, I’m a journalist and I was working on a case for too long, yet couldn’t find links to reach a final destination or to disassemble all these fake claims spread in the city,

7 children were hunted by a murderer, caught in the forest, all in a sequence,

Orphans were carried out by ambulance, dead no single rescued person among them

 They were killed by a riffle,

The killer escaped,

Oh, it’s midnight,

And I’ve got an email, the

User name shows a parent who’s trying to contact us a long while ago,

He said he lost his child in the orphanage whereas he was spending last two years in the prison

But now he’s just blackmailing me,

Saying “if you’re not going to publish that those kids were bullying my child and killed him with no mercy otherwise you’re a slut to the community, you slept with me, I anonymously covered my face and kept yours to be a stigma forever, everything is recorded, check if you want…”

Then he attached the link of the video, I was curious and I’m sure I didn’t sleep with anyone lately,

It’s barely midnight, the name is encrypted and every detail is not available,

I’m still curious,

I opened the video and waited, but everything went down bad,

I called the IT, and they informed me that my device is hacked, or accessed by an anonymous,

They couldn’t track the IP

All the data about all the kids were erased and the only clue I had against the murdered whether the weapon or the kids was deleted,

The station won’t no longer provide me with anything as the case was closed already…

The sense of revenge was much stronger than our intelligence, unfortunately.

The only mystery was in the dream

I was warned by my mind and I ignored it…

The mystery was in the clock…

Not the graveyard.

عادات وتقاليد لن تصدقها فى الزواج والموتعادات وتقاليد لن تصدقها فى الزواج والموت

لا شك إن العادات والتقاليد دي لم تخرج وحدها فجأة، يُفترض عادةً أن التقاليد لها تاريخ قديم، فمن المفترض أن تكون التقاليد قد اختُرعت عن قصد، سواءً لهدف سياسي أو ثقافي على مدى فترات زمنية قصيرة، يمكن أن تستمر التقاليد وتتطور لآلاف السنين!

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا
يد الموت | قصة قصيرةيد الموت | قصة قصيرة

  “لا داعي للفزع مني ,فأنا دائماً ما أتِ بدون معاد مسبق , أطرق أبواب أرواحكم المعلقه لأخدها معي للأفاق , وحان وقتك لتغادري فما نفع تشبثك بتلك الحياه , فقط إتركي كل شئ , وإمسكِ بيدِ” 
قرأتها مراراً وتكراراً لم أفهم مغزاها ولم أستوعب مقصدها حقاً.. أحدهم علي الأرجح يعبث معي !.
تركت الخطاب أمام الباب وعودت لغرفتي لأدثر جيد من تلك البروده القارصه ولكن لم يمضي وقت طويل حتي شعرت ببروده شديدة في أطراف قدمي ما زلت أحاول سحب قدمي تحت الغطاء الدافئ ولكن لا تغير, لأفتحي عيني بغضب , نهضت لأصرخ من هول ما رأيته..وجدت فراشي في منتصف المحيط تشبثت جيد في حواف الفراش مرعوبه من الوقوع في أعماق المحيط ,لمحت بطرف عيني ظرف أخر مشابه لما تلقيته , إلتقطه بحذر لأمسك به بإحكام واليد الأخري مشغوله بالتشبث بواحف الفراش .
  “ما زلتي تحاولين الفرار مني , ومازلت أحاول إخبارك أن لا أحد ينجو , فجميعنا لها , فقط سلمي نفسك للأمر , أعلم أن الخوف ربما يتأكلكِ , فقط أغلقي عينيكي , وأمسكِ بيدِ”.

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا
ما هي أغرب تسع كتب فى التاريخما هي أغرب تسع كتب فى التاريخ

لا يسعنا سوى أن نقول أننا جميعا نحب الجانب الغيبي من الأمور ونشأ أن نخض فيه دون أية قيود، ولكنك يجب أن تكون على أتم استعداد لمجابهة العواقب إن لم تكن ملتزمًا بالقواعد كما يجب أن يكون… تعرف معي على أفضل وأغرب تسع كتب يمكنك قرائتهم على مر التاريخ وإن كنت قد قرأتهم بالفعل شاركنا تجربتك

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا

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