The maze | short story

The maze

I opened the door to find no one outside, I thought they’re making a prank
But seriously no one came in or out for a while,
I froze in terror the light was fluctuating on the first floor and I heard a sound in,
I entered again and slammed my door wildly and I found my plant thrown on the floor out of the soil and the pot,
المزيد …!

Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Today I’m going to pose a remarkable subject we all should be aware of, hence we can obtain a good chance to have a better mental health and try helping those who in need to be recovered…
Therefore, I’m initiating my primary lines with a common symbol includes three letters (BPD)…
What is BPD? And why is it considered as your main topic today?
Dear, reader, let me give you an insight why am I talking about this today… المزيد …!

Anxiety disorder and panic disorder

Anxiety disorder and panic disorder

panic disorder is sometimes considered as based on the other, panic disorder is more relevant and dangerous…
It can take place in whatever occasion you attend even if it wasn’t sad, a person suffers from panic attacks all in regular packages as zoomed in… can physically move rapidly and unconditionally according to the activity of both hormones “Adrenaline/ noradrenaline” released when you feel danger,
A person with panic disorder can suffer from constant panic attacks happening more than once a day, and not only in traumatic events, anytime and with no terms included. المزيد …!

Bipolar personality disorder

Bipolar personality disorder

we were all formerly educated that a magnet has two poles one is negative and one is positive as well as the magnet has a field, a region around it which allows the magnetic force to be spread through this extent hence attract any close object and stick it due to the specific power it has and this power is relative.
This law can be also applied in its formula on human beings المزيد …!

Marital rape

Marital rape

That refers to such a respect paid from Islam to women, and Islam renounces from such a concept which is hateful against women and any other speech unlike this is a responsible over the misleading advocator.
And so Islam recommends a necessary respect for men, as I don’t want you to call me a racist protesting against men, so a lady should respect a man and so the opposite.

If you are not capable to maintain your relationship you better rescue the remained good deeds between you and separate…
Or never be included by accepting a marriage proposal when you are not ready. المزيد …!

The father role

Father role

A father role includes working and having regular revenues but it doesn’t depend on money like forever…
You are not a bank account… and you are fully responsible of your child’s health also being a part of a new generation…
And as it’s considered a crime to mistreat your parents it’s also a crime to mistreat your child. Be aware of that. المزيد …!

Your brain or the universe

your mind or the world?

This is quite intimidating concept for some and I can sense that people’s perspectives are based on only facts not questions so give yourself a permission to validate inquiries and to be honest you are so welcome to participate and throw up some thoughts as courageous as u can
Everything is available. And I believe that possibilities can take place one day
Otherwise we wouldn’t have theories denied or proven along past eras
I’m more engaged in “why and what if” more than following axioms around المزيد …!

Spontaneous human combustion (SHC)


I’m not talking about how a man can be able to exploit each substance in order to satisfy a purpose either it was for sake of evil or goodness, nah, I’m talking about a different ability, never been familiar to anyone before, one that was hidden deeply while its owner is distracted and not mindful enough to recognize its presence. المزيد …!

The graveyard mystery| short story

The graveyard mystery

I always love to write my dreams as they seem very weird and intense,
Let me narrate some for you and see if you can conclude the mystery and analyze them or not
first dream under the title of “graveyard” المزيد …!