Borderline personality disorder

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Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder
By: Menna Zain

إقرأ المقال باللغة العربية  

Today I’m going to pose a remarkable subject we all should be aware of, hence we can obtain a good chance to have a better mental health and try helping those who in need to be recovered…

Therefore, I’m initiating my primary lines with a common symbol includes three letters (BPD)…

What is BPD? And why is it considered as your main topic today?

Dear, reader, let me give you an insight why am I talking about this today…

I was diagnosed as a person with BPD and I aimed to dig more and receive back knowledge about this matter, at the same time benefiting all of you and supporting whoever struggles the same way I do and how you can all help someone else to figure out solutions for what they’re going through.

? So what is BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder; a mental disorder causing a patient to lose control over his sentiments and his behaviors…
For example, take a look on your neighbor and how he angrily acted towards the merchant because he demanded a product and didn’t find it there…

Of course you’ve been inquiring about the reason!! Yet still asking, why would such a gentle young man argue about nothing!
so when you ask him he responds simply “I couldn’t feel myself 
otherwise, he’s cute to everyone and treating his parents the best way.

Another example,

You on a bridge spectating a girl suspiciously gazing to the water like she is close to throw herself,
Or a person frequently talking about self-injuring…

Look at your friend being a husband for more than 10 years and suddenly he turns into a monster, violently abusing his kids and his wife likewise…

Those are quite clear samples of people who have (Borderline Personality Disorder/ BPD)
A person with BPD fears the abandonment, quite exaggerating sometimes, can’t normally do daily activities like everyone, not due to laziness as much as it’s all happening according to his mental illness and how lost and clueless he feels, as well as he doubts himself obviously then his potentials,

he’s the one who can’t overcome his own insecurities, and the one with lots of panic attacks, known also with dissociation, low self-esteem, being moody and having high indiscretion…

Yup, sweetheart, the bus driver who higher the speed on a crowded route while smoking weed is reckless…
A lady with suicidal thoughts, cutting herself and trying to wrap a wire around her nick is reckless,

endangered and needing an urgent medical treatment…

A boy who is secretly a drug addict and a girl who is crossing the lines and pushing away all her concepts for sake of temporary entertainment are also reckless…

So what can cause all of these symptoms?

First of all, it’s relative from a person to another, but,
It can be:BPD
– Genetic
– Mental disturbances; mind chemicals aren’t stable specifically “serotonin” and some spots at the mind are no longer enough valid to perform a normal attitude, so that’s why medicines are important as part of curing process.
– Traumatic events; losing someone for example.
– Child abuse whether it was physically or psychologically, by constantly underestimating him, caging him, beating him with a stick, mocking him among people, etc.
What kind of possible results can be taking place if we ever ignored the importance of this kind of subject?
Professional, educational, emotional losses, also in lives.
If you open a dungeon in one of the nearby prisons, you will find one of those we are talking about, if you found a good couple turning their relationship into hell, one of the partners or both of them maybe assumed as BPD patients, if you see someone committing suicide, finding no purpose of life, only darkness before his eyes, stop judging and start helping…
You’re dealing with a real matter and not slightly a sarcasm material…
That’s a social image but if we only get closer to the patient to witness the real changes over him, here are some:
– Depression
– Alcoholism/ drug addiction
– Anxiety disorder
– PTSD/ post-traumatic stress disorder
– Eating disorders
– ADHD/ Attention deficit hyperactivity
– Others

My main reason to mention all of this,

is to guide you and tell you not to repeat my mistake, and it was ignoring all the signs of being a mental ill person, now I suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, PTSD, ADHD and sleeping disorders… step off your bed and go meet a doctor…
What’s required from you as a reader,
If you were a patient don’t hesitate and get in touch with an expert,
If you were having one of your acquaintances suffering from the same matter support, and convince him to get his medical treatment as soon as he can…
Otherwise, no more to say…
Peace be upon you all.


صفات الزوج النرجسي وكيفية التعامل معهصفات الزوج النرجسي وكيفية التعامل معه

الزواج علاقة مقدسة تحتاج الكثير والكثير من التنازل والتغاضي والتضحيات من أجل أن تصبح علاقة سوية وناجحة.
ولكن أحيانا تكون هناك بعض المشكلات التي تقف عائقًا بين الزوج والزوجة.
ومنها أن يكون الطرف الأخر مليء بالعيوب ولا يعترف بذلك ويظن أنه دائمًا على حق ولا يعطي للزوجة حق المناقشة، وهنا قد تستحيل الحياة وخاصًة إذا كان هذا الزوج نرجسيًا لا يرى سوا نفسه فقط، وهذا ما سنعرضه في مقالنا عن كيفية التعامل مع الزوج النرجسي.

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا
بناء تقدير الذات عند الأطفالبناء تقدير الذات عند الأطفال

الجميع يعاني من صعوبة التعامل مع الأبناء ، كما أن الامر أصبح يأخذ كل تفكيرك كما كان يشغلني من قبل .. دعني أخبرك قصتي في الأعوام السابقة التي ساعدت على تغير أطفالي 180 درجة.
لن تصدق ذلك يا صديقي إلا عندما تخوض نفس تجربتي، حينها ستعلم أنني على حق وانك فقط لم تكن تعامل ابنائك المعاملة الصحيحة …

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا
ما هي أغرب تسع كتب فى التاريخما هي أغرب تسع كتب فى التاريخ

لا يسعنا سوى أن نقول أننا جميعا نحب الجانب الغيبي من الأمور ونشأ أن نخض فيه دون أية قيود، ولكنك يجب أن تكون على أتم استعداد لمجابهة العواقب إن لم تكن ملتزمًا بالقواعد كما يجب أن يكون… تعرف معي على أفضل وأغرب تسع كتب يمكنك قرائتهم على مر التاريخ وإن كنت قد قرأتهم بالفعل شاركنا تجربتك

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا
ما هي أسرار الإنضباط فى الحياة؟ما هي أسرار الإنضباط فى الحياة؟

قد يتسأل البعض عن حلول  تجعله اكثر انضباطا والتزاما تجاه نفسه ، و في كل مجالات حياته؟؟!
قبل الاجابة عن هذا السؤال ، يجب ان نعرف ما هو الانضباط ؟
الانضباط ،هو أن نقوم بعمل ما يجب عمله سواء كان هذا العمل تحبه أم لا، فأنت المسؤول على القيام به.
والانضباط هو عملية تسير وفقا لمجموعة من القوانين التي تفرضها على نفسك لاتباعها و بالتالي تجعلك تكسب عادة جديدة ، تتعلم من خلالها ادراة الوقت بشكل جيد يجعلك اكثر انضباطا في  الحياة

إقرأ الموضوع كاملا

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